Guesthouse Georgia

1. Situated in the Balkan

It is located in the beautiful balkan town
Apriltsi, quarter Ostrets

2. Luxorious and cozy setting

Luxorious set for maximum
comfort of Your stay

3. Beautiful sight

Beautiful sight to the Balkan and
Maragidik peak

  • Contact

    Apriltsi, Ostrets
    Smolyan str. 33

    Tel: +359 (0) 877 100 482




    Partriges, quails, pheasants

  • BEAR

    Ursus arctos


    Ovis aries


    Cervus elaphus


    Dama dama

  • WOLF

    Canis lupus


Town of Apriltsi

It is situated in the mountain region, in a large hollow in the basis of the highest peak in Balkan mountain – Botev, not far from peak Maragidik.

The town is reachable from the west using the road from Troyan and Oreshak and from the Gradnishki passage (nearby Kravenik village) or the Debnevo passage, and from north-east – using Batoshevtsi passage.

Apriltsi is a town, established from 4 big villages, being quarters from it right now: Novo Selo, Zla Reka, Vidima and Ostrets. The union happened in 1976. The name Apriltsi comes in memory of the heroic April rising in 1876.

Apriltsi is one of the longest towns in Bulgaria with its 22 km nearby the river Ostreshka, from the quarter Ostrets up to the Hydroplant Vidima alongside the river Vidima.

Vidima river

Река Видима

Water Holes cave

Пещера Водни Дупки

Peak Botev

Връх Ботев

Maragidik peak

Връх Марагидик